Redevelopment Opportunities for Women (ROW)

Redevelopment Opportunities for Women (ROW) provides advocacy and financial literacy services for women who have been impacted by domestic violence, poverty/economic hardship, and/or homelessness. ROW focuses on the economic and social context in which women find themselves and builds upon their current strengths as women and as parents.

The Direction For Hope

ROW empowers women and their families to build safety, skills, economic security, and hope for the future. ROW services include: ROW’s Economic Action Program (REAP), Multilingual Access Program (MAP), Family Strengths Program, Family Literacy Program, and Rebuilding Lives Program.

ROW’s Economic Action Program (REAP)

  • REAP provides innovative economic intervention services to low-income women and women experiencing financial hardship who have been impacted by domestic violence, poverty, and/or homelessness.
  • REAP services include: Financial Literacy Classes, Economic Advocacy and Financial Coaching, and Individual Development Accounts (IDAs).

Multilingual Access Program (MAP)

MAP provides language accessible advocacy and crisis response to women as they access local shelter and non-residential programs. Trained in the dynamics of domestic violence, MAP’s Language Advocates provide bilingual and bicultural interpretation and advocacy in Spanish, Bosnian, and Vietnamese.

Family Strengths Program

Family Strengths, a comprehensive self-development and parenting program for women, provides parenting groups and advocacy services. Family Strengths focuses on personal and family development, parenting skills, economic stabilization, and domestic violence education.

Family Literacy Program

Family Literacy provides adult basic education and opportunities to obtain a high school equivalency. Family Literacy works in partnership with St. Louis Public Schools’ Adult Education and Literacy program and addresses literacy, a major hurdle to family stability with direct correlation to economic security.

Rebuilding Lives Program

Rebuilding Lives provides Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) and Seeking Safety intervention models to women who have experienced trauma. In addition, the program offers supports from other ROW services.

Register for Services

Call 314.588.8300 to learn more about ROW’s services or register for REAP, Family Strengths, or Family Literacy classes. Childcare is provided at ROW’s downtown St. Louis site for children ages six and under while participants are engaged in services, but registration is required.