Services for Teens

In addition to providing therapeutic counseling services for teens, FamilyForward offers mentoring for youth and parents, therapeutic summer camps, and pregnancy counseling.

Missouri Mentoring Partnership (MMP)

Mentoring includes job readiness training, job search assistance, and support for at-risk youth through MMP’s Worksite Mentoring program, as well as education and support for pregnant and parenting youth through MMP’s St. Louis Volunteer Resource Parents program.

MMP’s Worksite Mentoring

  • Worksite Mentoring provides teens with job readiness training that includes resume writing, interviewing, and soft skills. The job-ready, motivated teens are then connected with corporations who will interview them. If hired, corporations welcome the teens as employees and mentees.
  • Corporations provide part-time jobs during after school hours and a corporate mentor who meets with the teen. Corporate mentors are trained by Worksite Mentoring staff, provide guidance to teen mentees, and encourage appropriate decision-making for practical problems they may encounter on the job. The mentor meets regularly with the mentee, maintains ongoing support, and helps them develop a vision for the future.
  • To be eligible for Worksite Mentoring, youth must be between the ages of 16 and 21 and enrolled in an educational program (high school, HiSET courses, or vocational training).

MMP’s St. Louis Volunteer Resource Parents (SLVRP)

  • SLVRP is committed to promoting the health and wellness of teen mothers and their children, encouraging healthy, self-sufficient families, and helping to build strong communities. The program provides adult volunteer mentors, parenting support and education, and referrals to community resources for pregnant and/or parenting teens.
  • To be eligible for SLVRP, pregnant and/or parenting teens must be under the age of 22, live in St. Louis City or County, and have no more than two children (one must be under the age of one).
  • Adult volunteer mentors are trained by SLVRP staff before they are matched with teen parent mentees. Teen parents are incentivized for meeting with their mentor, attending program meetings, keeping WIC appointments, taking their child to the doctor for immunizations or a well-baby visit, and going to the doctor for a prenatal visit. Incentives include baby items like diapers, wipes, and formula.

Therapeutic Summer Camps

  • Week-long programs during the summer months are designed to create a fun and healthy environment for children ages eight to 18 who are often unable to manage in traditional sports or community activities.
  • Utilizes art, music, physical exercise, and healthy nutrition as teaching methods to help children with trauma histories learn to manage emotions, cope with stress, and become more attuned to their own body signals.

Pregnancy Counseling

Unbiased and professional counseling for pregnant teens considering options for the care of their child (parenting or adoption). Clients will be treated with respect, compassion, and acceptance.

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