Sustainable Funding for Occupational Therapy

With a strong focus on infrastructure and sustainability, we have been dedicated to securing new funding sources to support our occupational therapy programming. We are proud to announce that we have successfully obtained three new funding sources.

First, we partnered with the St. Louis County Children’s Service Fund to tailor existing CPT billing codes to meet the needs of our clients, specifically for occupational therapy services. This collaboration represents a significant milestone, as this is the first time Children’s Service Fund has supported occupational therapy services! We worked closely with Children’s Service Fund to emphasize the crucial connection between occupational therapy treatment and behavioral health functioning.

Additionally, we have established a contract with the Community and Children’s Resource Board to deliver occupational therapy services to youth in St. Charles County. We are grateful for this partnership and plan to reapply for funding in 2024.

Lastly, we are thrilled to announce we are expanding our billing capabilities to include Medicaid, Medicaid Plus, and private insurance for our occupational therapy services. This expansion has been a heavy lift for the agency, as we have worked diligently to credential FamilyForward with as many insurance plans as possible. We are proud of this progress as it will broaden our reach and give more children and families access to the services they deserve.

To learn more about FamilyForward’s occupational therapy program, watch the video below.