To better serve the community, Children’s Home Society of Missouri and Family Resource Center officially united to become FamilyForward on April 1, 2017. Together, the agencies have 169 years of experience helping children and families.

FamilyForward is a movement and the name for the merged entity of two of St. Louis’ most accomplished, leading-edge non-profit organizations. FamilyForward is the direction for hope and for new opportunities to build safer, healthier relationships for children and families.

For the time being, please visit our existing websites for program information and resources.

“FamilyForward has such a comprehensive collection of innovative programs. We can help children and families go from hardship to healing.”

Ben Keil, Foster Care Lead Supervisor, FamilyForward

“Together, we are stronger in terms of organizational capacity and resources.”

Karen E. Nolte, Chief Executive Officer, FamilyForward

“Our diverse histories and complementary areas of expertise will allow us to further individualize how we serve our clients and in turn, strengthen the St. Louis community.”

Tijen Gassiraro, Family Reunification Services and PathBuilders Program Director, FamilyForward