FamilyForward’s New Early Childhood Center

New Building Offers Space for Healing

In January, FamilyForward opened the doors to its newest facility, The Lesley Ann Waldheim Early Childhood Center, focused on supporting critical early intervention and prevention of developmental trauma.

The Early Childhood Center (ECC), houses FamilyForward’s premier therapeutic preschool, addressing traumas that impact many facets of a child’s life including the ability to be successful in traditional preschool or daycare settings.

The new space allows team members to serve double the number of children while keeping class sizes at a 4:1 student-teacher ratio. The classrooms are equipped with innovative tools and resources to help children on their journey to healing, including a neutral, calm environment with full-spectrum lighting, an air filtration system, and indoor and outdoor play spaces that support sensory regulation and gross motor skills.

FamilyForward is also proud to offer integrated occupational therapy services, allowing for more therapeutic involvement for children at the center, and at home. FamilyForward is the region’s first and only agency to offer occupational therapy services as a tool to help children heal from the effects of developmental trauma.

“The new preschool has been amazing,” said FamilyForward Educational Therapist, Jeremy Boal. “We have so much more space for the kids to run, play, and regulate both outside and inside. We are still figuring out what we can do with all of our new facilities, equipment, and classroom materials, and I am very excited to continue that process with our incredible team!”

The ECC also houses the Home Visiting Services program that provides in-home parent coaching and education for young and pregnant parents and families with children up to the age of three.

The opening of the Early Childhood Center symbolizes FamilyForward’s growing impact across the St. Louis region and our commitment to helping more children who have been impacted by developmental trauma.

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We’re beyond excited to share the work we’re doing with you, and one way you can peek behind the curtain is by taking a tour of our new facility. Located off N Lindbergh Boulevard, this state-of-the-art, centralized campus will help us serve more families than ever before through comprehensive trauma care. Come see our new facility by scheduling a tour today.