Dating on a Dime

If you are parenting with a partner, finding time to spend alone together can be challenging, but it’s essential. To cut costs, it’s ideal to find a friend or family member willing to provide childcare at no cost. Alternatively, consider exchanging childcare services with another family one or two times a month. If getting out is difficult, putting the kids to bed early or in front of a movie while you hang out in the next room may be another option. Either way, here are some creative, less expensive ideas for a date night with your partner:

If you have childcare:

  • Explore a local park or nature trail, opting for a bike ride if you prefer cycling to walking. The St. Louis Dockless Bike Share Program provides a no-cost option if you don’t own bikes: St. Louis Bike Share Program.
  • Google “open houses near me today” and check out homes in your area for some fun decorating inspiration.
  • Try geocaching and leave trinkets from Dollar Tree at the sites you find.
  • Visit an upscale retail bookstore, read together, and perhaps enjoy a coffee in the in-store café.
  • Select a fancy hotel and head to the lobby. Purchase a couple of drinks and sip by the fireplace while observing the patrons.
  • Head to Goodwill. Find some interesting outfits and go out on the town representing your favorite decade or century.
  • Explore the St. Louis Art Museum or the St. Louis Zoo, both offering free admission. Or pull up Groupon and plan your activities around that.

If you are staying in:

  • Serve an early dinner to the kids separately. While they’re occupied with a movie in the next room or after putting them to bed, enjoy a candlelight meal together.
  • Engage in indoor activities such as board games, card games, puzzles, or art projects.
  • Take a trip down memory lane by going through old photos and reminiscing.
  • Get into the kitchen and cook or bake something new together.
  • Have an at-home movie night with blankets, popcorn, and cozy surroundings.
  • Take an online quiz to spark conversation. Here are a couple of suggestions: Discover Your Love Language® – The 5 Love Languages® | Enneagram Assessment – Your Enneagram Coach