Healing Through Compassion

Every day, we have the distinct honor of serving families in need of support. Hear one mother’s story–adapted from her own words–about how she reached out for help to address her daughter’s behavioral issues through compassionate, trauma-informed care:



I have tears rolling down my face as I type this letter. I don’t even know where to begin to express how much you’ve helped my daughter and me. Everybody at FamilyForward has been so welcoming to Michelle. They understand that she deserves care and attention even though she has problems with her behavior.

As a parent, I was struggling and didn’t know what to do, how to react or where I could turn to help her. I was beginning to believe there wasn’t any hope for her, for us. But then I got the miracle phone call that you were going to work with my little girl. Sure, there have been some hard days along this journey, as I would expect for a child who’s experienced trauma at such a young age, but the patience and understanding you’ve shown has led her to such incredible change.

Everyone, from her teachers, therapists and the family coach I’ve been working with, has guided us along our path. Michelle is no longer an angry child who doesn’t know how to express her feelings. Your staff worked with our entire family, and together, we all helped to change her life, our life.

The progress I have seen in her is remarkable. In fact, she’s about to receive an award for great model behavior at school. As we continue therapy at home, the support and guidance we’ve received has helped her become a better communicator and learn how to handle her “big girl” feelings in healthy and responsible ways. It has greatly reduced the stress in our home.

I want to thank the FamilyForward staff for the incredible support you’ve shown us during this transition. You helped me understand why Michelle behaves the way she does, and we are working on her regulation together.You took an individualized approach to care that kept in mind her unique needs and challenges, and created a truly innovative approach to healing that is making a world of difference.

Everyone at FamilyForward helped us when we didn’t know where else to turn. We will be forever changed by the kindness and compassion you’ve shown us.