Logan’s Journey to Success

By the time Logan was five, he had faced extreme neglect at home. He did not have access to nutritional food or a safe place to sleep, often sleeping in cars as he bounced around from one unequipped family member to another. At ten years old, Logan entered foster care. Logan’s loving foster parents began noticing that he was untrusting of adults, uninterested in making friends, and acting out at home and school. He would throw tantrums at bedtime and often shut down completely when any meaningful activities were introduced. His foster parents knew Logan needed support, so they turned to FamilyForward’s Developmental Trauma Center. Our clinicians welcomed Logan and began assessments utilizing a comprehensive and individualized approach to understand the root of what was causing him to struggle.

We found that the trauma Logan faced early in life, such as not having a safe place to sleep, was causing him to have extreme anxiety around the bedtime process. And bouncing around between family members made Logan untrusting of adults, causing him to lash out at his teachers. We created an individualized treatment plan for Logan and provided him with a safe place to learn how to be a kid. Logan’s treatment plan included regular therapeutic activities with our staff and recommendations for how his foster parents could adapt these strategies at home.

Logan is doing well in school and has taken an interest in sports. With an understanding of how early childhood experiences affect brain development, our staff can provide caregivers with strategies and tools to help kids like Logan begin to heal and have the future they deserve.

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